Pretty Guardian
Sailor Moon &

Figure Program with Resident Right vol. 4
"Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" Area


Pretty Guardian
Sailor Moon Area

Azabu Juban, a district where the story of "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" takes place,
is recreated in 1/80 scale inside SMALL WORLDS TOKYO in Ariake, Tokyo.
The landmark signboard of Azabu Juban Shopping Street, game center Crown, Ichinohashi Park that do not exist anymore...
Go back to those nostalgic times.

What's Figure Program
Program Info

Learn more about Figure Program with Resident Right

You can become a miniature figure and "live" in Azabu Juban for a whole year.
Let's not only "enjoy by observing", but also "have a new experience of living" in this new theme park.

Into Worlds

Into Worlds

Live in a place that appears in the comic

Azabu Juban streets from the comic will be recreated in the 1/80 scale. Have another life as a miniature self in the world where Usagi and other heroines live.

Make Your Figure

Make Your Figure

Create your miniature copy using the 3D scanner

Our state-of-art 3D scanner will create a 1/80th scale miniature of you.

Live There

Live There

Become a resident of SMALL WORLDS

Your figure will be set in the place you choose inside "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" Area. You can not only "enjoy by observing", but also "have a new experience of living" in this area.

*The figure will be set 14 days after 3D scanning.
*The figure will be set by SMALL WORLDS TOKYO.

Program Info
Figure Program with Resident Right

¥19,800(tax included)
High school age and under
¥17,600(tax included)

Program Privileges

  • Area Resident Right

    Area Resident Right

    1/80th scale miniature of you can be placed on your favorite spot in "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" Area for a year. The space is limited, so the order of choosing the spot to place the figure will be the same as the order of 3D scanning.

  • Two Figures

    Two Figures

    We will create 1/80th scale & 1/35th scale miniatures of you using our state-of-the-art 3D scanner. The 1/80th scale figure will be placed in your favorite spot in "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" Area for a whole year. The 1/35th scale figure will be given to you as a present when you come to the venue.

    *The figure will be set 14 days after 3D scanning.
    *You can get your 1/35th scale figure at SMALL WORLDS TOKYO 14 days after 3D scanning.

  • Annual Pass

    Annual Pass

    You can visit SMALL WORLDS TOKYO as many times as you like for 1 year with this discounted pass.

    Thanks Campaign

    The validity of the Annual Pass purchased on or before September 30, 2020 is extended to June 30, 2022. Click here for details

  • Admission Passport

    Admission Passport
    (One Day Pass)

    You will get one Admission Passport, so you can enjoy SMALL WORLDS TOKYO together with your family member or a friend.

The sales period ended on this site.

The sales period on the
official site
was extended due
to popular demand!
Click here for details

"Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon"Area Info
Area Info

Azabu Juban of the 1990's depicted in "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" is recreated with a scale of 1/80.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a Japanese manga series that appeared in girls’ popular comic magazine Nakayoshi from 1991 to 1997.
The story is set in Azabu Juban, a lively district in Tokyo where, during the day, its protagonist Usagi Tsukino and other characters live happily.
Yet once it gets dark and the moon full, things change. In the moonlight, Usagi and other girls transform into Sailor Guardians to battle against villains. Over the streets you can see "Crystal Tokyo".

Control Room
Azabu Juban
Hikawa Shrine
Crystal Tokyo
Azabu Juban
Embassy of Country D
*Some places are not available for figure setting.

Program Flow


Buy Resident Right

*Please check the contents before buying.


Come to the park after buying Resident Right

*You can come starting from June 11, the day of the grand opening.


Show the e-mail you got at the time of purchase at the ticket counter


Make Your Annual Pass


Choose a place for your 1/80th scale figure

*The order of choosing a place to set your figure is the same as that of 3D scanning.
*Some places are not available for figure setting.


3D scanning

*Scanning using our state-of-art 3D scanner.
*Wearing cosplay costumes during 3D scanning is prohibited.


We can set your 1/80th scale figure and give you your 1/35th scale figure
14 days after the 3D scanning

*Your figure will be set in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO.
*You can get your 1/35th scale figure at SMALL WORLDS TOKYO 14 days after the 3D scanning.


Let's jump into a 1/80 scale world.

It is a place where you can forget about your daily life
and get immersed into the mysterious and wonderful
1/80 scale world similar to the one we are living in.

"Kansai International Airport" Area and "Space Center" Area where aircrafts and shuttles take off.
"Global Village" Area inspired by Asia and Europe.
"Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" Area and "Evangelion" Area fully recreating the worlds where your favorite heroines and heroes live.

The scenery changes as the day fades into night,
and the stories of residents make your busy days slip out of your mind.
At the world's largest indoor miniature theme park "SMALL WORLDS TOKYO"
that covers about 8,000 square meters,
you will forget about your daily life.
There is another world in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO.

Official Site

Access Map
Access map

Ariake Butsuryu Center, 1-3-33 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo
3-minute walk from Ariake-Tennis-no-mori Station of Yurikamome
11-minute walk from Kokusai-Tenjijo Station of Rinkai Line
*No car park available. Please use public transport to visit.